Strategic HR Consulting

ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURES (a sample of our work)

  • Reviewed numerous Corporate Services in various organisations including the following: HR, ICT, Finance, Procurement, Communications and Marketing and Facilities Management in addition to several Executive Support and Legal Services. | Public Sector Commission; Economic Regulation Authority; Mines & Petroleum; Corrective Services; Finance; Office of the Environmental Protection Authority; Housing; Commerce; Edith Cowan University; Agriculture & Food WA; Workcover; Culture & the Arts; Landgate; Regional Development & Lands; Indigenous Affairs; Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions; Consumer & Employment Protection; & Curtin University
  • Reviewed the functions and operations of the Council including an analysis of staff and stakeholder consultations in order to develop an organisational structure to support the City’s new way of working. | City of Subiaco
  • Delivered new organisational structures for various Divisions and Branches across this organisation including the Marine Safety Business Unit; Coastal Facilities Management Branch; Compliance and Strategy Unit; Passenger Services Business Unit; Legal and Legislative Services; Regional Services Business Unit and People and Organisational Development. | Department of Transport
  • Reviewed the proposed new organisational structure for the Strategy, Research and Initiatives Branch and recommended the adoption of a project matrix approach. A guide for managers working in a project matrix environment was also subsequently developed by Price Consulting Group. | Department of Local Government & Communities
  • Developed a new Information Structure involving 85 FTEs and based on ITIL principles to support large-scale reform of information practices and systems across the agency. | Department of Agriculture & Food WA
  • Developed and implemented a high level organisational structure for the establishment of this new Office including the development of a change management plan and advice on transition arrangements for staff. The structure was designed to improve central government’s capacity to deliver high quality advice in relation to utilities and involved specialist leadership positions in the provision of technical expertise and capability building. | Public Utilities Office
  • Developed an organisational structure for the new Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) to replace the Armadale, East Perth, Midland and Subiaco Redevelopment Authorities. The assignment required extensive consultation with each of the CEOs and staff and included developing and classifying more than 60 new positions, including SES and Specified Callings, under a very tight timeframe. | Department of Planning
  • Undertook a review of the functions and operations of the Council, which included staff and stakeholder consultations and recommendations for a new organisational structure. | Town of Cambridge
  • Reviewed the structure and business processes of the administrative function of the Prisoners Review Board of Western Australia (PRB) and the Mentally Impaired Accused Review Board (MIARB). This included clarifying roles and accountabilities. | Department of the Attorney General

SERVICES DELIVERY & GOVERNANCE (a sample of our work)

  • Reviewed the service delivery model for the Investigation Services Branch of the Department to improve the alignment between resource allocation and business needs. | Department of Mines and Petroleum
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of the Administrative Support Services structure to deliver services at the Kalgoorlie Regional Office using stakeholder consultation, benchmarking and an assessment of workload. | Department of Mines and Petroleum
  • Reviewed the functions and operations of the Office of the Director General with a focus on governance and project management. | Department of Water
  • Reviewed the Council’s Property Management Services, including an examination of best practice in Property Management in the WA Local Government context. | City of Canning
  • Reviewed the effectiveness of the People and Organisational Development Unit’s customer service delivery model including an assessment of stakeholder satisfaction with the services and established a framework to further enable and build capacity in the Unit. | Department of Transport
  • Reviewed the Title Spatial Services and Business Systems Branches in order to align the activities with the strategic and business needs of the Department and in light of emerging technologies and legislative reform. | Department of Mines and Petroleum
  • Undertook a major review of the delivery of juvenile justice services in Western Australia requiring extensive internal and external staff and stakeholder consultation that resulted in a new model of service delivery and organisational structure. | Department of Corrective Services
  • Developed a centralised, user-friendly, web-based Human Resource Management A-Z information resource tool for schools to improve efficiency and facilitate school autonomy in Human Resource Management. | Department of Education
  • Reviewed the service delivery model and organisational structure of the Governance and Legislation Division and developed a Compliance Strategy/ Model which was launched by the Minster at a LGMA State Conference. | Department of Local Government
  • Reviewed the Customer Assistance Unit and Advisory Services in the context of the organisation’s new model for dispute resolution for better utilisation of resources and an integrated internal and external delivery of customer service. | WorkCover WA
  • Developed a new funding model for the delivery of Detention and Community Correction Services for young offenders. | Northern Territory Department of Justice

STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANNING (a sample of our work)

  • Undertook extensive consultation with external stakeholders to assist the Department to assess the current transport policy environment and reviewed the organisational structure and skill requirements of the Transport Policy and Systems Unit. | Department of Transport
  • Reviewed Youth Psychological Services including an examination of a functional model for new and existing resources to deliver quality psychological programs and services to young people in custody and those engaged in community youth justice services. | Department of Corrective Services
  • Assisted the Department to develop a business case for a Regionalisation Strategy. The assignment included providing advice on possible locations; the risks and benefits; indicative costing; and potential timescales for a phased approach. | Department of Regional Development and Lands
  • Conducted a Review of the Indigenous Family Violent Offending Program (IFVOP) within the NT Correctional Services in order to review the integrity and sustainability; processes for assessment of participants; and, the on-going qualitative and quantitative measures of capturing reduction in violence and increasing community safety. The assignment included streamlining business processes and recommending a staffing model that would sustain quality service delivery and reduce personal risks to facilitators. | NT Department of Justice


  • Developed a Workforce Plan to guide the Passenger Services Business Unit in meeting its workforce requirements and reflect the expected changes in the passenger services industry. | Department of Transport
  • Developed five Strategic Resourcing & Workforce Capability Plans for the Health Information Network’s various operational Directorates involving a mix of public service and contract staff. | Department of Health
  • Developed a Workforce Strategy for the Office to help ensure it had the necessary capability to meet the increasing demands of delivering large and complex capital works programs. | Office of Strategic Projects
  • Undertook broad consultation to develop roles, competencies and delegations for staff in the newly created Justice Centres being established for people with cognitive/intellectual disability who cannot be appropriately managed in the broader justice system. | Disability Services Commission
  • Developed a Workforce Plan for Probation and Parole Services. The project included Workforce Profile reports; workload analysis; a Competency Framework; and the development of attraction and retention strategies. | NT Department of Justice
  • Developed an Attraction and Recruitment Strategy in response to the Department of Housing’s Workforce Plan 2012-2017. | Department of Housing
  • Evaluated the Department’s Graduate Development Program including the use of an online survey and researched Graduate Programs offered by other agencies. | Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Developed an integrated approach to attraction, recruitment and retention that facilitated the Accommodation Services Directorate to address critical staff shortages. | Disability Services Commission


  • Undertook business process mapping for four areas in the School Resources and Support Branch and identified business improvement opportunities and areas of potential risk as well as future resourcing requirements. | Department of Education
  • Developed a performance Management System and KPIs for the CEO in consultation with the Chair and Board of this not for profit organisation. | Women’s Health Care Association Inc
  • Developed and facilitated the CEO’s Performance Review in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act and the CEO’s Contract of Employment. | City of Cambridge
  • Facilitated a 360-degree performance review for the CEO. | Pilbara Development Commission
  • Developed a set of core leadership competencies for all Executive roles and an Executive Performance Management Framework. | City of Canning
  • Reviewed the CEO’s annual performance measures in order to ensure that the process and performance criteria were aligned with the Council’s Community Strategic Plan. | City of Vincent
  • Assisted the City undertake its CEO Annual Performance Review and followed this up with a post CEO Performance Review. | City of Vincent
  • Developed KPI’s and a Framework for the Board in addition to facilitating a review of the Board’s performance. | Pilbara Development Commission
  • Reviewed the CEO’s remuneration and the organisation’s structure and management roles to meet future business needs following corporatisation of the organisation. | Busselton Water Corporation
  • Reviewed the KPIs for the Petroleum Division. | Department of Mines and Petroleum
  • Finalised the CEO’s Performance Agreement Framework and facilitated a 360-degree performance review. | Busselton Water Board
  • Developed a performance management/pay system in conjunction with undertaking the recruitment and executive search for a new CEO. | Busselton Water Board
  • Facilitated the development of the CEO’s KPI’s and a review of the CEO’s performance. | Busselton Shire Council


  • Developed and implemented a Change Management Plan to support the implementation of a new business model and organisational structure for the Department as part of a significant reform process. | Department of Regional Development
  • Developed a change management approach for the implementation of the Financial Management Services Review previously undertaken by Price Consulting Group. | Department of Finance
  • Developed a Change Management and Communication Plan for the newly created office and provided HR advice on transition arrangements as part of establishing the structure and staffing for the new Office. | Public Utilities Office
  • Developed a capability framework, from entry level to Director level, to support the Strategic Plan and give recognition to the project management focus of the Department. | Department of State Development
  • Developed a guide for managers in a project matrix environment in the Strategy, Research and Initiatives Branch and supported cultural change by facilitating a workshop aimed at increasing communication across functional teams following a review of their proposed new organisational structure. | Department of Local Government & Communities
  • Developed staff profiles for employees to inform the Human Resource Plan and the change management process for a new model of service delivery as part of the establishment of Primary Health Care Demonstration Sites at Cunnderdin and Pingelly. | Department of Health- WA Country Health Service
  • Provided strategic HR advice to the CEO and developed an HR/Change Management Plan and Communication Strategy to assist with the implementation of a new structure. | Peel Development Commission
  • Reviewed Driver and Vehicle Services Business Centres with a focus on reviewing the team leadership structure in the various Centres so as to improve the capacity of team leaders to coach and support staff. | Department of Transport
  • Developed Change Management and Communications Plans to assist the agency implement a new ICT structure as part of its transformation of information practices and systems. | Department of Agriculture & Food WA