Recruitment & Executive Search

“I would like to say that it is one of the best experiences I have had with a Consultancy of any description in my working career. The service was highly professional, the processes followed were highly effective as evidenced by the quality of the field of applicants that applied, the logistics of arranging meetings interviews etc. were very effective and seamless from our perspective and I consider the package to be very cost effective. I would use the agency again if ever required.” CEO | Statutory Authority

  “Very professionally done as well as being most expeditious.” Chairperson | Regional Council

 “Once again I cannot express how helpful and supporting you have been in this whole process.  It can be quite daunting and challenging for we in the Outstations at times so it’s great when we can source very experienced people in your field of work to assist us through it.” Regional Registrar | Government Agency

 “Thank you for your amazing work on the selection processes. It was a huge relief for us all to receive the last of the finalised selection reports yesterday and know that we are done! It’s been an enormous process with a tight timeline, but has run so smoothly, and you have played such a big part in that.  Thank you for the excellent and reliable consultancy service that you have provided us. Everyone has been so impressed by the quality of your work and your professionalism throughout and we are very comfortable with the outcomes. You must be so relieved to have reaching the finish line, bang on time!” Director Organisational Development | Institute of Technology

 “Thanks so much for your efficient processing and also your really valuable contribution to the process overall.” Director General | Government Agency

“I just wanted to let you know how terrific your consultant was in the roles she played. As a panel member she was very insightful in her comments and added a lot of value to the selection process. As an organiser she was extremely conscientious and made sure the whole process ran smoothly. And as a writer she did a great job in pulling the selection report together. I couldn’t have been happier with the work she did. She’s a real credit to your firm.” Executive Director | Government Agency

“Your contribution to our CEO selection process was excellent in every respect. We are very grateful and believe the result was excellent.” Chairman | Not-for-Profit Organisation

 “Really good field especially all your search candidates.  Am so grateful.  You are an absolute champ …very well done.” General Manager | Government Agency

  “Thanks I think you’ve done a fantastic job with all of this” Associate Professor | WA University

 “I know we would not be in such a positive position today if it weren’t for you and the amazing job you performed for us.  You have proved to me yet again that you are the best in the business.  I know you made the effort to really understand our business and what we needed and then guided … and myself through the whole process with sharp intelligence and skill. Thanks so much.” Former Deputy Shire President

“You made the selection process easy to follow; provided high quality professional advice; provided a high level of servicing; and made the process a pleasure. I would be happy to recommend you to other staff members conducting selection processes.” General Manager | Government Agency

 “You are obviously not only an excellent transcriber of the nub of a telephone conversation, but also very adept at getting people (e.g. me) to speak freely on a subject. The notes are a fair reflection of our discussions and I wholly endorse them accordingly.” Referee

 “As an aside, this has been the most professional application process I have been through. I would be grateful if you could please pass on my very positive feedback to your clients.” Candidate

 “Brilliant – All reports done and signed off. Your wonderful work has allowed us to get the job done efficiently and with minimal fuss, something that we really appreciated. Many thanks for the fantastic support and service – I have highly commended you to our Director should we need further support in this regard. It’s been a real pleasure to have worked with you.” Manager | Regional Council

 “I have assessed the selection report and I must say of all the reports I have read and there are many, this is one of the best structured reports I have reviewed.” Manager Human Resources | Government Agency

“Pleasure to work with a professional organisation- I could not have been more impressed.” General Manager Training | Government Agency

 “Thanks…You’ve been great as usual.” Director General | Government Agency

 “Thank you very much for your time and feedback on Friday afternoon last week.  Your comments were the most valuable feedback I have ever received after an application and interview process. Again thank you for your time and persistence last week, it was much appreciated.” Candidate