Kurt is a highly experienced and respected leader in the field of public policy, evaluation and data analytics, having accumulated over 20 years’ experience as an economist and key policy advisor in Western Australia.

Over the course of a long career in Treasury, Kurt established a reputation for producing firstrate analytical advice on complex policy challenges, and for being a champion of innovation and continuous improvement.

Kurt has significant experience in leading teams responsible for macro-economic forecasting and policy advice, including in the areas of economic impact analysis, industry policy and climate change. Kurt has also played a leading role in program evaluation across the State government and held the position of Director of Treasury’s Data Analytics team, focusing on data-driven analysis and measuring social return on investment.

In addition, Kurt has considerable experience in budgeting, cost benefit analysis and business case design and assessment, having led teams responsible for providing expert financial and policy advice a across a range of government portfolios, including the education, training and justice sectors.

Central to Kurt’s success has been building trust with senior stakeholders, providing powerful data-driven insights and being able to explain complex modelling results in a clear and compelling way.

Kurt brings a wealth of experience in program evaluation and analytics, an in depth understanding of government, and a genuine passion for public policy and problem solving. This includes experience in program design, agency functional reviews and organisational change, focusing on improving performance and delivering better outcomes.


  • Bachelors of Laws, Economics and Commerce, UWA


  • Business Case Development
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Forecasting and Analytics
  • Functional Reviews
  • Public Policy