Recruitment & Executive Search

Price Consulting Group has a strong reputation for successful employee recruitment – from CEOs and Executives to entry-level employees and graduates.  We have extensive experience in undertaking executive search for numerous CEO, executive and management positions.  We are very proud of our success rate in bringing competitive candidates to the field.  Price Consulting is also at the forefront of working with public sector clients to rethink their recruitment and challenge out dated myths.  By applying innovative recruitment processes, the focus is on quality outcomes rather than being enslaved to ‘red tape’ thinking.

Typically, our clients select some or all of our recruitment services, depending on their needs:

  • Developing attraction and recruitment strategies;
  • Designing and placing advertisements;
  • Mailbox service and responding to applicant inquiries;
  • Selection panel training and guidance;
  • Executive and targeted search;
  • End-to-end applicant management;
  • Comprehensive shortlisting of applicants;
  • Alternative selection tools such as video interviews and online assessments;
  • Developing interview questions;
  • Reference checking and verifying qualifications;
  • Writing selection reports; and
  • Providing feedback to applicants.


These services can be provided by a consultant who acts as a selection panel member, or who supports and guides the selection panel and manages applicant communications.

Executive Search

Price Consulting Group has a strong track record in executive search for CEO, executive and management positions.  We have a 100% success rate in attracting competitive candidates to the field via our executive search services.  Often the best candidates are busy in their current jobs and need to be sought out and encouraged to apply.  This is why executive search is such an important tool for attracting the best possible field of applicants and combining it with an advertising campaign using cost effective media or on-line advertising.

Recruitment Coaching

Agency requests for our Consultants to coach panels and HR teams in the use of innovative recruitment and selection tools is rapidly increasing.  Due to our extensive experience in recruitment consulting, we have been approached on many occasions by individuals seeking support to develop a professional CV, get tips on addressing government selection criteria and coaching on interview techniques.  This is a one-to-one service, delivered in person (or via Skype to support regionally-based clients) and by email and phone.

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