Job Design & Work Evaluation

Job design is the systematic and purposeful allocation of tasks to individuals and groups within an organisation, which underpins the creation of healthy work systems through:

  • Effective structure; and
  • Effective work through role design and role relationships.


Effective job design influences employee motivation, job satisfaction and commitment to their organisation. This, in turn, raises productivity levels and reduces absenteeism and staff turnover. In addition, job design considers how people in a work unit need to interact with others, and how they can most effectively access these people within the organisational structure.

Our consultants can provide end-to-end job design and work evaluation services, or assist with any part of the process including:

  • Ensuring the principles of job design (function, location and authority) are upheld in the work unit/position under review;
  • Develop a clear and concise job description using your template or ours; and
  • Assess the work value of the position/s and make a recommendation as to the appropriate salary level.


In the WA Public Sector, we have extensive experience in the use of BIPERS for evaluation of positions from Level 1 to 8, Specialist and Specified Calling, as well as with the preparation of business cases for submission to the Public Sector Commission for SES positions and the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal (SAT).  We have also provided similar services to Local Government organisations.

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